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Production Manager

What you see above is a sample of the shoots that I have worked on via the production end of things. I have also had the pleasure of AD'ing a spec ad shoot for which details are to come.

Please contact me below if you have any questions or if you'd be interested in hiring me for your shoot!

About Hanah

I'm a Korean-American actor and writer splitting her time between Chicago and Denver.


Many folks ask where my journey started, and I can say that like many other Asian Americans, I had a dream that I didn't feel I had permission to pursue. I jumped from field to field, and when I eventually quit grad school, I decided to spend my time on something I truly wanted, which was to act. I started taking classes, got on all the casting sites, ended up on Netflix (!!), and now I'm writing and making my stories come to life, too!

I love being both in front of and behind the camera not just for myself, but also because I understand the salience of representation. I'm a strong advocate of interjecting Asian stories into the American mainstream, and I want to do that in Chicago as often as possible to showcase my city’s talent as well as the beauty and complexity of my heritage.

TLDR; I just love telling stories and being on set, and I do everything I can to make those two things come together as often as possible!

Join me on this wild ride. As far as we know, we only get one chance at life, so we may as well make the most of it!

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Get in touch!

Leave me a comment, tell me about an idea you'd like to collaborate on, let me know if you'd like to hire me as a production assistant/production coordinator/AD, whatever!

Talk soon!

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